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Thurston Woods Village offers a different working environment than you'll find in other senior living organizations. As a faith-based not-for-profit,  our top priority is our residents. Our mission to serve them is at the center of everything we do. We have a well-earned reputation for excellence thanks to our unrivaled team and our passion for working with older adults. If you have top-notch skills and a desire to serve, we'd love to welcome you to our extraordinary team!  


  • Tuition Reimbursement Program

  • Extra Pay for Weekend/Consecutive Weekend

  • Insurances (Medical, Dental, Vision, etc.) Single Employee Dental/Vision – Employer paid

  • Health Club Memberships (discounted membership fees)

  • Retirement – Employer Match Program

  • Longevity bonus/incentives

  • Employee Focus Group and Teamwork Atmosphere

Thurston Woods Village is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Employment Opportunities

Full time 2nd shift

Extra $2.35 per hour paid monthly


  • Assist residents with all aspects of activities of daily living.

  • Assist residents to and from the dining room.

  • See that residents get to scheduled activities, therapies and appointments within the facility.

  • Make beds and keep rooms neat.

  • Assist resident with transfers, range-of-motion, ambulation and positioning.

  • Make rounds with other shifts as scheduled.

  • Daily duties as assigned by Nurse.

  • Maintain a clean and safe working environment.

  • Any tasks as necessary and beneficial to the health and welfare of residents and essential to the operation and function of the department and facility.

  • Attend inservice programs and meetings as scheduled.  Responsible for all information presented at inservices and meetings.

  • Document appropriately on all mandated forms.

  • Inform supervisor of any significant changes as noted.

  • It is part of my job duties to ensure resident safety.


Full time 3rd shift / Part time 2nd shift


  • Assistant new hires through appropriate orientation, evaluation, assignment, and delegation of duties.

  • Assure staff, resident, and visitor compliance with policies and procedures.

  • Ensure residents, visitors, and staff have a safe, clean, and comfortable environment.

  • Know the emergency preparedness plan and be able to react and give instructions as indicated.

  • Attend in-service programs and staff meetings.

  • Personally responsible for shift coverage when unable to cover any other way.

  • Conduct tours positively and professionally.

  • Assist with move-ins, transfers, and move-outs.

  • Use good judgment in notification when there is a change in the resident’s physical or mental condition.

  • Participate in resident care, assisting with wandering, confusion, and dementia behaviors such as aggression and anger.

  • Properly assist residents with medication.

  • Perform and supervise treatments.

  • Assure medication availability.

  • Promptly and accurately transcribe physician orders.

  • Schedule needed tests, medical appointments, baths, laundry, etc.

  • Timely and accurate documentation of the MAR, shift notes, resident files, incident reports, monthly vital signs, and other.

  • Assist in special activities and/or functions of the facility.

  • Identify special problems and respond appropriately.

  • Orient new residents and family members as necessary.

  • Maintain a working relationship/rapport within the facility and with other medical professionals and organizations.

  • Assure that necessary equipment and supplies are available.

  • Any assignments or tasks necessary and beneficial to the health and welfare of the residents and essential to the operation and function of the department and facility.

  • It is part of my job duties to ensure resident safety.

Assisted Living Caregiver


Supervises the Rehab Aide, students, and volunteers as assigned.

Provides therapeutic interventions in accordance to the treatment plan, assists to return to as high of a functional level of activity as possible, under the supervision of a Physical Therapist.

Documents daily clinical interventions and occurrences which includes skilled observations, objective base lining weekly, and response to treatment.

Maintains appropriate resident schedule to assure compliance with treatment plan and PPS guidelines.

Records daily billing documentation.

Adheres to the American Physical Therapy Association Standards of Practice.

Participates in care conferences and required in-services as indicated.

Participates in the departments QI as assigned.

Participate in activities to assure and facilitate effective department operations.

It is part of my job duties to ensure resident safety.

Notify Thurston Woods Village, in writing,  thirty days in advance of a separation of employment date.


Full time 2nd shift

Extra $2.35 per hour paid monthly


  • Follow established performance standards and implement facility policies and procedures on the unit assigned.

  • Interpret existing policies and procedures to CNAs, residents, families and physicians.

  • Assume responsibility for compliance with federal, state and local regulations within the unit on the assigned shift of duty.

  • Instruct CNAs in proper, preventive measures and use of adaptive equipment to meet the needs of each resident.

  • Provide job performance counsel and mentoring to supervised CNAs – recommending, when necessary and appropriate, disciplinary action to  D.O.N.

  • Provide clinical supervision and daily instruction to CNAs regarding care relating to ADLs.

  • Supervise and evaluate all direct resident care provided and initiate corrective action as necessary.

  • Obtain report from nurse being relieved and record sufficient information to implement appropriate follow-up action as necessary in relation to the resident’s treatment needs.

  • Conduct resident rounds.

  • Report resident health care changes to DON- ADON-MDS (as appropriate), including development of pressure sores, and take follow up action.

  • Obtain physicians’ orders and any revisions for all treatments needed.

  • Start IVs and draw blood when necessary, if RN, and appropriate related functions, if LPN.

  • Document resident care provided and resident’s response, or lack of response, to treatment provided.

  • Assess resident needs and participate in development and maintenance of individualized resident care plans in compliance with care plans.

  • Participate in resident care conferences as requested.

  • Provide direct resident care.

  • Provide concise, accurate report to staff nurse coming on duty and take follow up action as necessary.

  • Supervise and evaluate the implementation of “Residents’ Bill of Rights”.

  • Identify safety hazards and initiate corrective action.

  • Identify special nursing problems and emergency situations quickly and initiate immediate “life saving” measures in the absence of a physician, unless Advance Directives indicate otherwise.

  • Responsible for the safety of residents under his/her supervision.

  • Observe and assure infection control procedures.

  • Listen to resident, family, or physician complaints and, as appropriate, initiate corrective action and/or report special problems to the DON-ADON.

  • Control supplies and equipment.

  • Compile information for facility committees as instructed.

  • Assist in/complete the admission, transfer and discharge of residents as necessary/assigned with appropriate documentation.

  • Attend and participate in continuing educational/inservice/professional staff programs as required.

  • It is part of my job duties to ensure resident safety.


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