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Short-Term Rehabilitation

Our Rehabilitation Team has a reputation for being the best in the region. 

Our approach to short-term rehabilitation is unique because we adapt to the needs of each individual. We provide up to seven days a week of intense therapy, when indicated, to get you back home as soon as possible. 

Our in-house Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, and contractual Speech Therapists work closely with you and your family to identify a plan of care that will get you back on your feet and heading home with the support you need. We can meet your rehabilitation for everything from surgery like a knee or hip hip replacement up to recovery from a stroke. Our approach to rehabilitation doesn’t just include our Therapy Team. Our Nurses, Dietitian, and other clinical staff all work together because we understand that everyone’s situation is unique and requires a plan just for you. Our Rehabilitation Team will visit your home before discharge, so we can ensure that your home is safe and that our treatment plan works for you!   

Once you’re ready to go home, we base your discharge planning on your preferences. We can arrange at-home therapy, skilled nursing, meal delivery, and other services for your safety and convenience.

Rehabilitation Services

Long-Term Rehabilitation

Recognizing that many residents require continued nursing and general medical care, the rehabilitation department provides skilled therapy services to ensure a resident performs at their maximum functional potential. 

When a resident shows a decline in function such as walking, strengthening, dressing, or fine motor skills, dressing, they often need skilled therapy services to return to their prior level of function. Froh Community Home is one of the few skilled care facilities offering a fully staffed restorative therapy department seven days a week to provide the best possible care for your loved one.

“The resident satisfaction surveys continue to indicate we provide quality of care that exceeds expectation, with the survey results showing 98% satisfaction rating,” states Tim Stoll, CEO, “This is the reason that Thurston Woods Village is the leader in Rehabilitation care.”

Have questions or want to schedule a visit to learn more? Please contact:

Jordan Houtz

Rehabilitation Director

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